About us

m__S4A4038My name is Sharon Buckle; I am a qualified childcare, midwife and registered nurse.

For the past 20 years I have been dedicated to educating and supporting of couples in the birth and care of their new-born babies. I am completely passionate about babies as it is certainly the most miraculous time of your life. My clinic operates from suite 10 of the Hillcrest Private Hospital, KZN

We are open Monday- Friday 07h30 to 16h15.
We work on an appointment basis allowing 45min for each consultation
We also offer telephonic consultations

My staff consists of myself, Sr. Cherie and my receptionist Kelly..

Please feel free to contact us : 031 768 8134 or email sharonb@doctors.hillcresthospital.co.za


The Hillcrest Baby Clinic operates from Hillcrest Private Hospital in a caring and professional environment.

All aspects of pregnancy, labour and caring for a newborn baby are covered enabling you to make the correct choices for you and your baby ensuring a wonderful birth experience.

The clinic will –

  • Guide you through a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy
  • Enable you to have a well informed labour
  • Give knowledge so that your delivery, whether natural or caesarean, will be the most miraculous day of your life
  • Prepare for baby’s homecoming
  • Provide a post natal clinic so that you will be secure in all aspects of your child’s development for the first two years


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