You may find during your pregnancy that your hair becomes thick and shiny or you may be one of the the unlucky ones whose hair becomes limp and may even start to fall out. Not to worry as this is quite normal, but remember to take your omega 3 and 6 during pregnancy.

Likewise your skin may be glowing when pregnant or one may develop acne or eczema. You may also find that the pigmentation in your skin, moles freckles etc. may all darken in colour. Not to stress your pigmentation will return to its normal colour by about 6 weeks after delivery. Remember to wear lots of sunblock when going outside.

Many ladies who wear contact lenses find that they are uncomfortable as your eyes may become itchy and burn. This is due to the increase of the hormone Relaxin in pregnancy. You may also find a deterioration of eye sight, this is only temporary and your eyesight will be as good as new a few weeks after birth.

As much as you may want to deny it but your partner may complain about your snoring at night, this is just a bit of payback time to them. Chronic sinusitis is also common during pregnancy. One may experience nose bleeds, if accompanied by a headache you must notify your doctor immediately.

Sensitivity of your teeth as well as bleeding of gums is quite normal. A visit to your dentist is advised.

One of the first changes you may have experienced during early pregnancy is sensitivity of your breast. As your pregnancy progresses your breast will grow in size, visible veins may appear radiating towards the nipple, and the areole which is the pigmented area around the nipple will darken in colour and may sprout a few hairs. The size of your nipples may enlarge and some woman start leaking small amounts of colostrum

With each week of pregnancy your tummy will grow larger and larger as your baby grows. The skin on your abdomen becomes thin and itchy as it stretches. You may also develop stretch marks on the abdomen and buttocks. These will slowly fade after birth. Try massaging every day with a cream or oil, such as bio oil. Your belly button may pop out, not to worry it will go in a week or two after birth. If you develop a red itchy rash on your tummy please notify your doctor immediately.

You may find you may need to wear a panty liner toward the end of pregnancy as you may develop a vaginal discharge. This is very normal as the vagina is preparing itself for birth. However if the discharge is itchy or has an offensive smell please notify your doctor.

Some pregnant women may develop varicose veins on their legs and valve area, please make your doctor aware of these so he can monitor them through your pregnancy.
Many ladies complain of cramping legs especially at night. Try getting out of bed and stretching your legs, extra magnesium tablets generally give you great relief.

During pregnancy you may go up a full shoe size, as your feet begin to swell. Swollen hands and feet are very normal. Try spend less time standing and walking around. Drink lots of water and keep your feet raised as much as you can. If accompanied with a headache please have your blood pressure checked.