Winding solution
10mls cooled boiled water
¼ tsp gripe water
6 telement drops
Give the full amount up to twice a day

Dry skin or exema
Wash baby with epimax
Moisturise with epimax

Paediatric glycerine suppository
5mls of lacson or duphlac syrup
Increase water intake
Increase roughage in diet

Oral thrush
Apply daktaran gel after each feed and on nipples until white spots in mouth have gone

Sticky eyes
Clean the eyes with saline on cotton wool from the inner to ourter eye up to 6 times a day
Massage the inner part of the eye where the 2 skin folds meet, in a downward motion with a clean finger 4 to 5 times a day

Cradle cap
Rub olive oil or baby oil into the baby’s scalp, leave on for the day and comb out in the evening.