After your baby has been delivered his umbilical cord will be cut and a plastic clamp placed about 5cm from the belly button.

It then becomes your responsibility to take care in the cleaning of the cord.
I suggest using an ear bud dipped in surgical spirts. You need to clean around the base of the cord at every nappy change. The cleaning of the cord is not painful just a little cold.

When changing baby’s nappy fold his nappy down to sit below the cord to prevent urine or faeces contaminating the umbilicus.

You may bath your baby daily even if the cord is on .
His cord will normally fall off around 5-10 days after delivery.
Don’t be alarmed if you notice a small amount of dried blood on baby’s clothes once off.

Continue cleaning once a day until it is completely dried out.

If however you see a yellow or green discharge or the umbilicus has a offensive smell or if bleeding, then I recommend consulting your clinic or doctor.

Most new parents are hesitant to touch their baby’s cord. Remember the cord has no nerve endings so it is impossible for you to hurt your precious babe.