90% of babies vomit after a feed and this is referred to as reflux.

Reflux is not an illness and only needs to be treated medically if having an adverse effect on baby.
Most babies will do a vomit after a feed or even between feeds. Some will do a posset, a small milk dribble from the corner of baby’s mouth. Others will vomit puddles of milk and others even projectile vomit which may be quite concerning for new parents.

Ways to lessen the amount of reflux
1.) Do not overfeed your baby. Listen to your baby. Let him decide when he has had enough. Force feeding will escalate the vomiting.
2.) Limit the amount of movement directly after a feed, too much bouncing around won’t help.
3.) Keep baby in an upright position for 10-20 min after feeding.
4.) If baby is bottle fed you may change to an ante-reflux formula or try a thickening powder specifically to be used in a regular formula.
5.) Don’t leave baby unattended on his tummy for the first 6 months.

When should I be concerned?
If baby displays the following symptoms:
1.) Battling to gain weight
2.) Cries during a feed or directly after vomiting.
3.) Has had repetitive episodes of choking on his vomit.

I would recommend a visit to your paediatrician as he can prescribe medication to help to reduce the vomiting and alleviate the acidic burning of the reflux.

Most importantly remember most babies vomit but only a few need to be treated medically.